Home security cameras allows you to monitor, protect and secure your Melbourne premises whether you are home or away

Home security cameras are Melbourne’s number one deterrent for theft and intruders that is why a CCTV system that can accessed via your iPhone or Android smartphone is one of the best ways to keep an eye on your home at all times.

Remote access to CCTV security cameras at your home via iPhone, Android or PC gives you the power to capture high definition surveillance video in real-time, providing you with a fast and efficient way to capture intruders entering your Melbourne property.

No matter where your home is situated in Melbourne, there is always a risk of a burglars and intruders entering onto your property. Permaguard’s home security camera solutions can help to stop all forms of crime. When would be criminals are faced with the risk of being identified and captured via home security cameras, the threat of your Melbourne premises being burgled is heavily reduced. A CCTV system installed around your home is also an effective visual deterrent for theft or criminal activity and increases your family’s safety, giving you better peace of mind.

Permaguard Security install state-of-the-art home security cameras that combine both cutting edge high definition security technology with the reliability you need and at an affordable price. Permaguard provide home security camera solutions for all applications which can help with the following:

  • Elimination of all blind spots around your home with strategically placed security cameras
  • Surveillance for all types of lighting situation using specific CCTV Cameras
  • Capturing of vehicle number plates using surveillance cameras with zoom capability
  • Security cameras that can see up to 30m in pure darkness
  • Cost-effective upgrade to high definition security cameras utilising existing cabling

High quality home security systems with remote access to CCTV surveillance

Permaguard offer a complete range of home security cameras and digital video recorders (DVRs). Whether it be a basic analogue CCTV system or a high definition IP surveillance system for your Melbourne home, we’ve got a security solution that is right for you. We use and recommend the following quality brands for all of our innovative home security camera solutions: Ness, HikVision, Hills, Provision and Honeywell.

As a home owner safety starts with a security camera system tailored to your needs

When you have a CCTV security system installed in your Melbourne home you will be able to achieve the following:

  • Real-time CCTV surveillance with live view and playback from your iPhone or iPad from anywhere in the world
  • High definition 1080p images of intruders around your home
  • Automatic automatic email notifications and live CCTV snapshots from your security cameras when they detect suspicious activity around your house

Permagaurd Security offer professional service and after sales technical support for your home security camera system as well as quality CCTV products at an affordable price.
When you choose Permaguard Security, you choose a security company with over 30 years experience in the installation and support of security systems in Melbourne and around Australia.

Your property’s safety is of the utmost importance to us. We are committed to installing home CCTV solutions that are effective and simple to use. To ensure you get the most out of your home security camera system, we spend the time with you to show you how it all works. We offer free demonstrations to all of our Melbourne customers. Whether it be accessing CCTV video from your mobile app or downloading surveillance footage to give to the police, you can feel confident using your home security camera system for your Melbourne property.