CCTV systems provide you with real-time viewing and recorded surveillance of your business 24/7

Security systems that protect your business inside and out

CCTV or closed circuit television is a popular security system utilised by many businesses in Melbourne and across Australia. With the ability to actively monitor and retrieve high definition images and video through security cameras, CCTV surveillance can act as an effective deterrent against theft, vandalism and other crimes. CCTV security systems can detect motion on your business premises after hours and when linked to your Internet connection, can send you can live images via email. With a CCTV security camera system installed in your business you are always informed.

See real-life images and video from our latest business CCTV systems

A CCTV security system in your Melbourne business can monitor and protect areas from criminal activity. Today you can choose from a range of different options when it comes to installing a new CCTV systems or upgrading your existing surveillance system. Utilising the latest security system technology, Permguard can design a CCTV surveillance solution tailored exactly to your business needs. This may include:

  • Keeping existing coaxial cabling for a fast and cost-effective upgrade to high definition 1080p security cameras
  • Installing CCTV cameras with Pan Title Zoom (PTZ) functionality to allow the user full 360 degree control
  • Specialised CCTV cameras which capture vehicle number plates and facial recognition
  • IP security cameras which can integrate into your existing business IT network
  • CCTV system software allowing you to download surveillance footage remotely to your PC, iPhone or Android device

CCTV systems can also be integrated with your existing or new business security systems such as alarm systems, access control and alarm monitoring. CCTV can also work together with your IT systems to allow remote access via smartphone or tablet and even provide increased storage space for surveillance recording. This enhances the surveillance capability of your business by providing live viewing and playback straight from your smartphone or tablet. Permaguard Security Melbourne always choose the right CCTV cameras to suit your business, ensuring your security systems deliver the best result possible.